Thursday, September 23, 2010

Take heed!

Music. What is it, but a gift for sharing? The fact of the matter is that it's a healthy thing for us and the world we live in.  Healthy to both partake and offer in turn.

 Notice above how the Ingenues serenade the cows at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Dairy Barn, proving that cows give more milk while listening to the soothing strains of their music.

As lady-musicians, we'd like to take some initiative, and what we'd REALLY like is to get more lady-musicians on board. We want to see lady-musicians making music with other lady-musicians; lady-musicians learning from each other and giving parts of themselves and well, hell, just plumb enjoying themselves in time and melody.

Chutney Sessions happen on an as-regular-as-possible basis.  at the humble abodes of different ladies, on any given night.  Check out the schedule for the next evening!

We'd like to invite any lady who falls into any of the following categories to join in on the plan:

The Lovers of Music
The Lovers of Learning
The Lovers of Eating
The Lovers of Teaching
The Lovers of Sharing
The Lovers of Leading
The Bold, and The Scairdy-Cats
The Lovers of Old Tradition
The Lovers of New Tradition

We best be seein you soon!
Email for more information.