Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chutmas party!

Dearly beloved ladies!

Christmas and Chutney make a glorious combination if you ask us.

To commemorate it, Jane of the Bag Lady Variety has kindly opened her doors to host us. Trek your way over to 474 Pall Mall (at Maitland) on Sunday, December 19th, 2010 for 11:30am... let's stay warm and make music til we get booted out!

This being a celebration of Chutney at the time of giving, we thought it might be nice if everybody brought a home-made jar of real delicious chutney to auction off; suggestions are welcome in regards to where the proceeds should find a home.

Unfortunately, the Shackleton's auctioneer is busy that day- Carla, we thought you might be the one for the job?!

Bring all your instruments, your friends who want to come but never do, your families, your brunch-appetites, and your poodles too!

Check out the Bag Lady Variety here...

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